Andy Bolgiano

Director of Medical Education


Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Lampas team. Andy has a background as an EMT, fire fighter, RN, and works full-time as a Trauma Center EMS/Outreach coordinator for a major hospital in Northeastern Ohio. Andy knows a thing or two about the needs of first responders and civilians alike.

Andy has been a leader in providing medical education to professionals and readiness-minded citizens. Andy brought education to local EMS on subjects such as general emergency department (ED) education, HAVEN (Healing After Violent Encounters), cardiac care, IO drilling (into the marrow of the bone), Stop the Bleed, current ED research and data, and more.

Andy is a member of a local Medical Control Board, which is made up of one physician and one EMS coordinator from each of the surrounding area hospitals. This board was revised in 2017 to also include members of local fire departments as well as other first responders, a collaboration Andy is proud of.

In addition to continuing education, Andy has be a leader in providing first responders with the nationally known certification program, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). Andy he has been teaching TECC since 2015 and took over Lampas Security Consulting’s medical training programs in 2018.

After the Las Vegas mass shooting Andy had the opportunity to tour the trauma center in Las Vegas only two weeks after the tragedy occurred. He realizes how important it is for first responders to be able to get to casualties immediately. Regardless of how fast EMS arrive on the scene of a critical incident, EMS have to be able to quickly render care for traumatic injuries. They can’t wait on a SWAT team to clear a building before providing care.

The intense TECC program trains first responders so they can safely and effectively get to casualty patients as quickly as possible to administer life-saving treatment. TECC is a course for police and EMS to train together to do very basic skills like tourniquet application, wound packing, and chest decompression in tactical environments.

The TECC program has grown nationwide and we are proud to bring this level of training to Ohio and surrounding areas.

Whether you are training with us in TECC, Introduction to Traumatic Injury Care (I-TIC), Organizational Consulting, or a shooting or tactics class, Andy will be constant presence.



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